Here’s what our students said about our classes:

“Julie’s classes are nurturing, informative, friendly and fun. She’s an attentive teacher, and makes a damn fine pot of tea as well! Thanks Julie for all that you’ve shared, I have conquered my fear of the sewing machine!!!”

Catherine Pilgrim

” I went to Julie’s sewing for beginners class having failed miserably at all things crafty since I was a kid.  However I have a habit of buying second clothes that don’t fit or need just a little tweak and I thought at the least I might learn how to do that.  I learned not only how to take a dress in or up but how to make my own dress, which still amazes me. I also did a lot of talking in those classes, and tea drinking and friend making. Was my favourite morning of the week…. I came out of it with new friends and new threads.”

Martine Murray

“Before commencing Julie’s beginners sewing class I was terrified of zips, unable to use patterns or troubleshoot machine woes. Julie’s understanding, expertise and patience with beginners meant I felt comfortable from the beginning and throughout as I watched my sewing skills progress. Stretch overlocking was also a barrel of fun, and so much easier than I thought! Thanks for the advice, friendships, experience, cookies and tea. See you next term!”

Rachel Ellis-Hall

I am rapt that I did the pattern making course at Julie Red Projects. I haven’t worn dresses for a long time as ones in my size seem to be big on the floral factor – I mean, really big and the brighter the colour, the better. Now I have my own bespoke pattern which I can play with making dresses in fabrics and prints I like. I can also use it for shirts and skirts. A fabulous, rewarding course.

Helen Smith

Time for tea


“Julie’s sewing classes are the best thing I’ve done in years. I initially went along to hang out with my partner but now I’m completely hooked – there’s something about making things you’ve dreamed up that you can’t find in a shop that’s incredibly satisfying, and it uses a part of your brain that means all your worries are far away from your head while you’re sitting at the sewing machine. I had a real cow of a textiles teacher in high school who made me hate sewing, but I’m cured of that now and I love it love it love it!
Julie is a very patient teacher, the classes are super fun and a great outing that I look forward to every week.”

Jenny Joy